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Membership Drive 

Feb 2018 - Feb 2019  We are undertaking a membership drive to bring in all of the people who have been waiting for the organizational structure to be set up so they can join. This is it. See the MEMBERSHIP page for information. 





2nd International GATE Conference

Details  24 hour Global No-Travel Round-table on Transition Engineering

The 2018 GATE Conference is now in the planning stages. We are committed to continuing to develop the Shift Project - e-Conference product and taking it to the market demonstration phase - while we also use it to hold our annual conference. 
  • Leave your normal work environment for a day and spend your attention on the advances in Transition Engineering Field
  • Present your experiences and learning and ideas in a paper and oral presentation to your peers
  • Listen and learn about ideas and overcoming challenges from your peers
  • Have informal discussions with people in the same field (and have a muffin and a cup of tea)
  • Participate in workshop activities to practice InTIME Brainstorming
  • Don't Fly
Three Venues Currently:  University of Bristol, UK,  University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Peking University, China 

The Organizing Committee is open for volunteers.
Date  September 19, 2018

Past entries


1st International GATE Conference

Details  Bristol University, UK and Canterbury University, New Zealand
In addition, 17 people in USA, France and around the UK and New Zealand attended by life feed and text chat.
Date  September 08, 2017





Signs of Change National e-Conference

Details  40 Presenters from around New Zealand gave their experience with emerging sustainability. The first e-conference was designed, tested and run as a Shift Project in the transition of the wicked problem of conference travel. Date  November 15, 2010Link  www.signsofchange.org.nz/


Transition Engineering Full Semester Course, Munich

Details  A full semester course in Transition Engineering will be offered at Munich University of Applied Sciences during the summer semester (15 March - 1 July, 2018).  The course is a final year elective taught in English. The course will use the draft of the upcoming text Transition Engineering , CRC Press
MUAS Department of Building Services Engineering
10:00 - 11:30 Monday
8:15 - 9:45 Thursday
Professor Susan Krumdieck, MUAS Fellow in Residence
Date  March 15, 2018