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Please register and create a profile for the website. Registration is FREE  Donations are Tax-Deductible. The organization has three membership levels.

  • Engineer Member of GATE for practicing professional engineers in any discipline 
  • Associate Member of GATE for engineering students and recently qualified graduates
  • Associate Member of GATE for other peer professionals working in related fields of Science, Arts, Economics or Marketing
  • GATE Affiliate for anyone who supports the work of transition and change of unsustainable systems

GATE Affiliate

ANYONE who supports the objectives of Energy and Material Transition is encouraged to register and become a GATE Affiliate. Simply create your profile below.  Affiliates are welcome to support the operations and work of GATE either by volunteering their time or by making a financial donation. Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved as a volunteer; you could set up a local Transition Engineering group, a student interest group, offer to share your particular skills to further the work of GATE. 



Consider our paid memberships with additional benefits. Available to upgrade after creating your free membership

Associate Member

Details  Students or graduates recently qualified in a relevant engineering subject are eligible to apply for Engineer Associate status. Successful applicants can use the "AGATE" post-nominals. Applications are assessed with a peer-review process, and successful applicants will be elected. Associates cannot vote in decisions in GATE meetings. GATE welcomes Peer Associate members in science, business, law, policy, economics and other disciplines. Transition Engineering is uniquely interdisciplinary and inclusive.

Prepare your application using the form below, and pay the application fee of 25 pounds. It is not expected that associates would have competencies in all areas.  Students can list coursework, projects and volunteer work under competencies. 
Price  £25.00Annual fee

Engineer Member


Engineers who hold relevant QUALIFICATIONS and have relevant EXPERIENCE are eligible to apply for membership using the form below. 

Applications are assessed with a peer-review process, and successful applicants will be elected.  Members can vote in decisions in GATE meetings. Transition Engineering is a peer-membership organization for all engineering disciplines. We especially welcome members from fields normally not associated with sustainability such as Mining or Petroleum Engineering. Applicants should use the form below and pay the application fee of 50 pounds. If you are elected to member status you may use the post nominals "MGATE". 

Price  £50.00Annual fee

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