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In 2022, The GATE Initiative as described below is a big step up in activity for the members and trustees with objectives for 2022-24. Please support the Initiative with a donation, joining GATE, and sharing information with others. 

Donations will support the following activities:

  • Organization of the Bi-Annual November International e-Conference (Organizer services cost $22,000 USD)
  • Front office handling of membership applications, website management and answering emails (admin cost $50,000 USD)
  • Example Projects editing, checking and preparing for member's access in website (postgraduate students @ $20/hr cost $24,000 USD)
  • Website support, domain name and hosting ($2000 USD)
  • Marketing and Outreach ($10,000 USD)
  • Grants in Aide for engineers to do the online course ($500 USD Each)


 How do we change everything that needs changing InTIME?

dare to go there

In Engineering we always start with the end. We make sure we know what the requirements are and what success looks like. We don't assume solutions or make premature selections about design or components. We work through exploring ideas, generating concepts, researching prior art, developing models of fundamental structures, materials and dynamics. Engineering is a trusted profession because we do things systematically, objectively, applying science and comparing options like-for-like. We will all do our jobs and change what needs changing in order to prevent what is preventable. 

Start with the end

In 2040 some of us are retired, but still active in GATE. The global fossil fuel production in 2040 is a climate safe 2000 Mtoe. We are writing up our memoirs. We are writing a review article, documenting the history of how this amazing emergence of the corrective transdiscipline of Transition Engineering in the early 2020's was instrumental in the rapid downshift of fossil fuel production to a climate-safe level. The economic ideas of perpetual growth from the 20th Century are seen as dangerously unhinged from reality. The near-miss on unrecoverable damage of ecosystems and climate systems is a fundamental lesson for humanity that has been foundational in the transition and corrective mechanisms that are part of the local, national and global policy, business and economic frameworks going forward from 2040. 

So how does it start? 

GATE Initiative 2022

dare to go there

The Trustees of GATE and the membership have launched the GATE Initiative 2022. This campaign has the clear objective to create the mechanisms for transition. The GATE Trustees will take the Initiative 2022 forward. Please Join this Initiative now. 

  • 10 Patrons for the Gate Initiative (Leading engineers, climate activists, climate scientists, political leaders, social leaders)

  • 100,000 Engineers worldwide learn about Transition Engineering (watch a webinar, do the MOOC, read the book)

  • 10,000 Engineers and other professionals join as GATE Affiliates (get a GATE Knowledge Certificate or CPD Training) 

  • 1,000 GATE Members Approved (Professional engineers who apply and demonstrate competence and gain peer review approval)

  • £100,000 raised to support the GATE membership processing and services (Donate below and Share, Please)

  • 100 Universities offer Transition Engineering in a course (Teaching resources for engineering academics and a global conference)

  • 100 Companies undergo Executive Leadership Programme (HWU and consultants collaborate to create the course content and delivery)

  • 50 Professional Engineering Organisations Endorsements Worldwide (Letter of Endorsement is available below)

  • 10 Government Funded Programmes (UKRI, NSF, DOE and other funders designate funding for Transition Engineering)

  • 1 Standard for Transition Engineering (Submitted to ISO by Nov 2022)