Make a donation and help support GATE

As a new non-profit organization our membership and other revenues are not yet sufficient to support our admin. We are asking for donations from people who want to see Transition Engineering take off and become a professional norm. Adjust the payment link below to make your tax deductible donation. 

Donations will support the following activities:

  • Organization of the September International e-Conference (Organizer services cost $12,000 USD)
  • Front office handling of membership applications, website management and answering emails (20% FTE admin cost $8000 USD)
  • Example Projects editing, checking and preparing for member's access in website (postgraduate students @ $20/hr cost $24,000 USD)
  • Website support, domain name and hosting ($2000 USD)
  • Travel costs for trustees to attend AGM ($500 USD) 

GATE Supporters and Sponsors