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The fundamental principles of Transition Engineering are straight-forward, once you have mastered the ability to flip your perspective. Reading the texts and literature is essential. It is also helpful to watch the videos. GATE is being organised to provide the most important thing for teaching and learning: Doing. The extreme creativity required for dealing with wicked problems of unsustainability is best learned through participation in a project. This can be done by enrolling in a class, pursuing a Masters or PhD, or working with a Transition Engineering project in your company or organisation. The number of experienced Transition Engineers is small, but growing fast. 

Transition Engineering  Building a Sustainable Future
by Susan Krumdieck
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On-line Course for Engineers

On-line Course for Engineers

Details  The first on-line Microcredential in Transition Engineering!
Enrolments now open at Canterbury University for a 20 point Micro-Credential. 
The course teaches the Transition Engineering concepts, tools and the methodology with focus on energy transition.
After completing this on-line course and carrying out a project, you will be in a position to submit your application as a full GATE Member.

Link  https://www.transitionengineering.org/c...
Transition Engineering Video Collection

Transition Engineering Video Collection

Details  Over the years many of the key fundamentals of the Transition Engineering rationale, approach and methods have been presented in lectures that were captured and uploaded to YouTube. Each of these presentations was made to a specific audience for a specific purpose at a different point in the emergence of the Transition Engineering discipline. We hope you enjoy the archive of thought represented in this video collection.Tags    Videos