Transition Engineering Training Center

This is the resource page for Associate Members and Engineering Members of GATE to learn the fundamental principles and practical methods employed by Transition Engineers in all disciplines. 


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Principles of Sustainable Energy Systems, 2nd Edition, Editors Frank Kreith and Susan Krumdieck, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, 2013

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Transition Engineering, in Energy Solutions to Combat Global Warming, Editors X-R Zhang and I. Dincer, Springer, 2016

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Guide to Energy Management, Includes the Transition Engineering Method applied to integrated building design. IET Standards  2017

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Transition Engineering Video Collection

Transition Engineering Video Collection

Details  Over the years many of the key fundamentals of the Transition Engineering rationale, approach and methods have been presented in lectures that were captured and uploaded to YouTube. Each of these presentations was made to a specific audience for a specific purpose at a different point in the emergence of the Transition Engineering discipline. We hope you enjoy the archive of thought represented in this video collection.Tags    Videos 

GATE Scholarship Fund

Details  Most of our GATE Scholars are experienced professional engineers from all disciplines. They have taken time away from their careers to make a path-break from the Business-as-Usual by carrying out a PhD in Transition Engineering. The GATE Scholars come from around the world. 

The Transition Engineering PhD 
  • Advances their expertise in the history and current state of the art in their discipline.
  • Surveys the policy scenarios and models the probability potential of alternative technologies and resources
  • Studies the factors shaping the forward operating environment
  • Workshops the 100-Year Concepts
  • Brainstorms and uses Strategic Analysis of Complex Systems for backcast modelling
  • Develops Shift Project Innovations, and Selects one project idea to carry out and learn from
  • Establishes the transition management framework for taking the Shift Project forward

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