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Christchurch, New Zealand - 
 Critical Peak Demand

Christchurch, New Zealand - Critical Peak Demand

Details  The critical peak demand in Christchurch is in the winter evenings and mornings. The winter air pollution greatly exceeds health standards due to wood burning in about 10% of households. The peak loads are predominantly residential.  More than 40% of housing stock has no insulation. Aside from wood, household end-uses are almost exclusively electric. Electricity prices have been rising substantially. There are several scenarios that could improve security and help to manage costs, but there are also some surprising shift projects that have come out of considering this wicked problem.Tags    Energy Transition   
Engineer Associate Members

Engineer Associate Members

Details  Gain recognition for awareness of sustainability issues, renewable energy, recycling, and energy efficiency. Associates are in training to learn the Transition Engineering approach and are willing to work in teams on wicked problems and to carry out down-shift projects. 

Candidates for Engineering Associate Membership include:
Engineering Students in any discipline 
Engineers wanting to learn the Transition Engineering Approach
Engineer Members

Engineer Members

Details  Gain recognition for your Education, Experience and Competencies in the Transition Engineering approach and being able to work through wicked problems and innovate down-shift projects.
GATE Organization

GATE Organization

Details  Pervasive risks of un-sustainability pose challenges in all disciplines.We don't need another interest group, but we do need urgent action. All engineering disciplines are responsible for the projects that will change engineered systems to prevent what is preventable. We are inspired by history - 100 years ago 62 engineers in New York got together and started what would become Safety Engineering, and that action has changed the world. Now, we will change the future - one engineering project at a time. GATE is a peer-to-peer organization set up to facilitate the agile learning needed for the emergence of a new discipline - Transition Engineering.