Energy Transition Engineering

The definition of Energy Transition is - the downshift of fossil fuel production to meet the COP 21 Paris Accord 

This translates into 10%-20% production retreat per year.  Are your ready for this fossil fuel downshift? Is your organisation ready for net zero?

80% downshift in fossil fuel use as the design requirement for Transition Engineering shift projects. 

This is how we do the job of Transition Engineering. It is called the Interdisciplinary Transition Innovation, Management and Engineering (InTIME) Method. The InTIME Method works. GATE members have learned the InTIME method, and are practicing the duty of care for addressing the fossil fuel downshift in their work. The textbook and online courses are now available. 

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Podcast! Energy Transition Engineering

Podcast! Energy Transition Engineering

Details  In this global interconnected world - how do we carry on a conversation? Our podcasts are short conversations about the core topics and difficult concepts in Transition Engineering and especially Energy Transition. Professor Krumdieck is joined by Transition Engineering students and a diverse range of people to discuss the topics they have learned and the projects they have done.
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