The Big Do

The Big Do

Details  The Ultimate Shift Project
At our international meeting we undertook the biggest transition engineering brainstorm yet. We took on the ultimate wicked problem of global oil production, currently over 96 million barrels per day. The global oil supply is essential for nearly all activities and end uses, if oil supply declined, the price would shoot up and the world economy would be thrown into recession. But continued growth in production, or even maintenance of current production is not sustainable. Investment in new oil production provides one of the historically highest rates of return. But this production must retreat by 80% in order to have any chance of staying under the planetary greenhouse gas accumulation failure limit. Click the link to see the MegaShift Project that came out of this wickedest of all problems.
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Signs of Change

Signs of Change

Details  The world first no-flying national conference was designed, tested, organised and successfully held in 2010 in New Zealand. Watch the 40 presentations from around the country of people from all walks of life describing their work on transition and emergence of sustainability. Link
Green Conference

Green Conference

Details  The GATE Conference 2019 will be held in November. The conference will be a demonstration of a new product in the professional and academic conference field. The conference will be a shift project to provide an international conference with high participation and high value, but with no flying.
Ideas Beyond Targets

Ideas Beyond Targets

Details  A series of brainstorm workshops have been held around the world in advance of the COP21 Meeting. The objective is for engineering students and young professional engineers to work with students from other disciplines to generate a set of project briefs for ideas beyond the usual climate change targets.


We have an idea for a Shift Project! We are developing a new concept for a way to carry out conferences that does not involve flying between continents. Watch this space as we work out the design details, find technology providers who want to develop the new IT and organization app, and the international chain who wants to deliver the venue services. 


GATE Global CO2Nference   


Imagine that you are an academic or corporate sustainability champion. Imagine that you are an international organization dedicated to the transition to sustainable energy and material use and the emergence of a non-destructive economy? Now imagine that you want to participate in a conference and, as always, you have no choice but to fly half way around the world… Hasn’t somebody invented a way to attend a local venue of a global conference?

The GATE CO2NFerence is a concept for the new generation of organisations who want to be the change and take action. The design achieves the important aspects of conference participation: you leave your normal work environment for a day to focus on a topic you think is important, learn about new developments, meet people in the field, share your ideas, have un-structured discussions over meals, and advance the field. To accomplish these objectives, you must attend a real conference with real people. But only a few people can actually afford the time and expense to travel to the venue of an international conference. The concept is to organise the globe into 4 quadrons. In each quadron there is at least one conference venue, but there can be multiple local venues. Participants travel to the nearest venue in their quadron.

The conference experience in each venue is as if it were a stand-alone conference, except that keynote presentations and presentations are shared around the world. The number of registrations is expected to be 4-10 times higher than a conventional conference. The carbon emissions are 1000 times less. The registration fees can be higher because the travel costs are lower. It is envisioned that universities could host the venues, but an international hotel chain with conference venues could also create a market brand. A global conference organizer would be a new company delivering the GATE Global CO2NFerence organization, registrations, bookings and advertising.

Each Region has

  • 3 meals and 1-2 tea-breaks with plenty of discussion time (1 hour each)
  • 1 Keynote Address to the World
  • An overnight stay at the local venue
  • 3 InTIME workshops designed by the organisers with guides and web uploads of results
  • 1 hour of e-presenations from their venue to the world (4-5, no questions)
  • 3 hours of e-presentatins to their venue from the world (some may be recorded)
  • 3 keynote presentations from the other venues (some may be recorded)
  • Recorded Keynotes ®* include drinks or tea during the play-back

Technology Challenge

The technology is possible, but it will require an integration innovation to create and deliver a full package of technologies that are deployed successfully and seamlessly at all venues. 



Design and Build

The CO2Nference is a disruptive idea. We are currently working on developing the idea into a shift project and use it for our next conference. So watch this space for the announcement of the date, and better yet, contact the GATE Linkedin group to be part of the project. 


2nd Conference 19 Sept 2018

2nd Conference 19 Sept 2018

Details  The Big Do
19 Sept 2018

Conference Venues: 
Bristol University, UK. 8:30am - 5:30 pm 
Canterbury University, NZ, 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Webcast - Going Global

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1st International GATE Conference

1st International GATE Conference

Date  September 08, 2017Details  GATE 2018 Breaks new ground with global "no-travel" design
GATE didn't want people to have to fly to the conference. Thus we organized an e-conference with venues in New Zealand and UK, and live webfeed to people around the world. We reduced the greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80% AND we all slept better. Other benefits included much higher attendance, and not having to go through airport security. 
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