Video Collection

The biggest challenge for Transition Engineers is what we call "Flipping Your Perspective". We all know that the First Rule of Engineering is "Define the system and know what problem you are working on".  These videos are largely aimed at this challenge. Do not start with sustainable solutions - there aren't any, there are only informed choices and challenging change projects. Start with the problem. 


1. Can Engineers Change the Future?   Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROI) and how it can be used to inform the direction of future development.   3rd Science for Energy Scenarios Seminar. There are many important presentations available on the website for the seminar   

    Video 1:     Transition Engineering Basics - EROI

2. How do you do Flip Your Perspective? The best way to get your mind into the "innovation space" is to face an insurmountable challenge. 

    Video 2:     The Ultimate Challenge  NZ Business Leaders

3. Is it worth doing?  We hear a lot about the sustainable energy sources we could exploit and the things we could do to save the planet. But we need a way to analyze wether it actually makes sense. EROI is a basic evaluation tool for energy transition - challenge yourself to understand it. 

    Video 3:     Confronting the Status Quo

4. Engineering Our Future  It is incredible that we only have one word in English for "design" when there are so many different projects done in different ways. This lecture gives an overview of global wicked problems and systems thinking. 

    Video 4:     Engineering Our Future - Lifecycle and Systems Thinking on Potential for Improvement and Transtion

5. How does a national gas supply company transition to 80% reduced fossil fuel production?  This is the result of a 10 week visiting engineer research and brainstorm project at the International Transition Engineering Institute. 

     Video 5:     Shift Project Example - GRDF and Natural Gas in France  (in French with subtitles)

6. How do we balance our needs with those of future generations?  Sure we know the requirement for transition, but what chapter was that in my engineering 101 book?  You want positive solutions. What if reality isn't really that positive?  Flip your perspective. 

     Video 6:     Transition Engineering  Engineers without Borders

7.  How do we time travel?  

     Video 7:     Example - 100 Year Concept Burnside 

8. What would Transition Engineering look like in practice?  

     Video 8:     Example - Shift Projects for Dunedin - personal transport in a town of 65,000 people

9. How do we innovate?  It is really easy to talk about innovation and being innovative, but real innovation is actually very difficult. 

     Video 9:     Transition Engineering with Shift Project Example

10. Want to see a shift project in action?  The wicked problem is air travel. The activity system is conferences. The shift project is a e-conference design and we did it in 2010. Can you believe it was the first nationally held "Local Venue - National Participation" conference in the world. We learned a lot, and have invented a great new product. 

     Video 10:     Example - No Travel National e-Conference Signs of Change