Welcome to the Brethren of the New Approach

If you have seen the light of science. 

If you can pursue wisdom over windfalls.  

If you have sworn off nonsense in favor of knowledge. 

If you can feel the beauty of equitable inclusion eclipsing the satisfaction of accumulation.

If you have made the commitment to follow conscience rather than seek convenience. 

Then you could become a member of the New Approach.  


You will be able to read New Approach doctrine and watch New Approach TED talks with others of like mind and bask in the glow of rightness. 

You will be satisfied when, yet again, the folly of the Old Approach is exposed for what it is; the temptation of the weak and those whose humanity has been clouded by the inequity of capitalism. 

You will have the comfort of correctness, when you espouse the need for the New Approach to others. 

Shout it from the hills!

Write your letters to the editor.

Click on the petitions and like the Greenpeace Facebook post, and forward the story of yet another oil pipeline explosion.


And hope with all your might that somebody is actually doing something to change the systems successfully chugging away in the march to oblivion that is the Old Approach. 

Have faith that your petition to political leaders will end subsidies to fossil fuel producers, even though it would mean loss of jobs which means they won’t do it 

Believe that if enough celebrities make youtube videos, or if enough books are written or documentaries are made exposing the risks of the Old Approach -  that the people will rise up and call for a New Approach. 


And when you have realized that the call for the New Approach is not the same as an action, you will look up at the First Nations people standing in front of earth movers because the water is sacred, and you will understand.

 And you will start to see the necessary transition involved in changing the Old Approach, and the massive amount of work that needs doing, and that it all needs to be done at a profit. 

And you will begin your journey of work on specific projects that shift something, somewhere from the Old Approach to the New Approach, and you will bring some people with you.

And that is how the future exists.