Course Coverage

The course is now available for carrying out at your own pace by distance learning. Enrolment is handled through the EPECentre

There are weekly tutorial meetings where participants from around the world meet to discuss the Transition Engineering methods and case studies and their projects. 

In New Zealand the CPD credits can be earned by keeping a record of the hours spent watching the lectures, reading the book and doing any examples or exercises. 

The course has 21 lectures of 45 minutes each. The topics are covered in the same order as the textbook, Transition Engineering; Building a Sustainable Future, with roughly 2 lectures per chapter plus an application lecture covering a topic in Energy Engineering. Participants proceed at your own pace. 

If you are in the USA you will need to do an assessed piece of work to achieve the CPD credits from the ASME. This can be arranged also by distance learning with Professor Krumdieck. 

If you are in the UK, please contact Daniel Kenning <> or Paul Harper <> at Bristol University

If you are in France, please contact Pierre-Emmanuel FROT <> at Grenoble University about their new Transition Engineering School.