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  Nights with Brian Crump

Transition Engineering - Carbon Free Food     22 December 2020

Brian gave the ultimate challenge for Transition Engineering: meeting the downshift criteria of 80% less fossil fuel use by 2030 would mitigate the worst aspects of global warming, but what would it do to food supply?  How does the transition to carbon free food work? 

Transitional Engineering        17 March 2020

University of Canterbury mechanical engineering Professor Susan Krumdieck makes her debut as a Nights regular pundit. Tonight she takes a look at if and how how covid-19 might affect the transition to a lower carbon economy. 

Transition to low carbon        26 May 2020

Transition Engineering expert Susan Krumdiek joins us to share some of her ideas on how we can transition to a low carbon economy in light of the global pandemic.

What does Transition Engineering Look Like?      4 August 2020

Our Transition Engineering expert, Professor Susan Krumdiek from the University of Canterbury joins us once again.  Tonight she asks what does Transition Engineering look like? What needs to be innovated, re-designed, re-developed, re-generated and how that could be done starting now?

transition engineering, connection with lord of the rings?      13 Oct 2020

Susan Krumdiek joins us once again to look at how we can transition to a low carbon life. Tonight we're making a connection with Lord of The Rings...

engineering a zero carbon future       6 Nov 2019

How do we engineer a zero-carbon future? University of Canterbury mechanical engineering Professor Susan Krumdieck is a pioneer in the emerging field of Transition Engineering, and she joins us from Christchurch.


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Susan Krumdieck: transition engineering Researcher in mechanical engineering at the University of Canterbury, and a founding member of the National Energy Research Institute.