September 22th 2022 


Welcome to the new look September newsletter.

Globally we are going through unprecedented climate and energy crises. We are all urged to “take action”, but it can be tricky to separate good action from greenwash.

Transition Engineering is the way you can identify and implement the right changes to the systems that you influence to secure a human-safe future. Through Transition Engineering you can become an effective agent of change. You don’t need to be an engineer to use Transition Engineering methods, you just need to want to take the right action. 

To help you to act as necessary agents of change, we are upgrading all of our services to you. Read on to find out what we are doing and how we are stepping-up to the challenge of unsustainability and helping you to do so too. 



Launch of the new and improved My GATE

The new GATE portal for membership and member profiles launched 12th September and is reached via the My GATE tab on 

Existing GATE members (Affiliates, Associates and Members) should already have received new login details for the system, but if you haven’t then just click “forgot password” at the login 

My GATE is your home for:

  • Applying to join as a new member of GATE at any level
  • Managing your member profile including being able to upgrade your membership level, gaining further professional recognition
  • Volunteering to help GATE and enabling us to reach more people and share Transition Engineering
  • Setting-up and getting involved with member special interest or geographic groups – more on this soon.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding new content and membership specific resources to My GATE. Keep coming back to see what is new. 


AGM on 20th October 2022 

This year our AGM will be on Thursday 20th October 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM (UK time) and will be online via Zoom.

The formal AGM is short with an easy agenda and is normally completed in less than an hour. We will use any remaining time up to 10:00 am (UK time) to allow informal discussion of any ideas you would like to share about GATE and how we can better do our work for Transition Engineering.

All members are invited to join the AGM and members of all levels - Affiliates, Associates and full Members - can vote on items that require decision. 


Volunteer with us

Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organisations, and GATE is no exception. 

We are seeking a volunteer fundraiser to help us tap the growing appetite for change, turn it into funding and help us make a bigger impact with Transition Engineering.  

For more information on this role visit our partner Reach Volunteering where you can submit your interest in getting involved.

If you have a more general interest in volunteering or potentially becoming a Trustee of GATE (we need several more) you can update your preferences on My GATE and contact us.


GATE Talks - a round-up of our engagement activity

Orkney International Science Festival, 1st - 7th September (Scotland, UK)

The science festival has been running for over 30 years and covers a vast array of topics. This year subjects included potatoes and edible clay, marine salvage and, of course, Transition Engineering.

Susan Krumdieck and Daniel Kenning delivered the Grimond Memorial Lecture: Engineering the Future. in which they introduced why society needs the changes that Transition Engineering can deliver.

The lecture is available to watch online. Note that the sound quality starts off a little poor, but it does improve.



In addition to the lecture, Susan Krumdieck ran a “Ting” event (a traditional Orcadian court) to stimulate ideas for reducing dependence on cars for getting children to school. While Daniel Kenning ran three “Tea for Transition” workshops working through the Transition Engineering methodology on a “test case” local hotel business.

You can also read about GATE in the run-up to the festival in Frontiers Magazine.


Engineering and Design in Education Conference, London, 9th September (England, UK) 

Daniel Kenning was invited to give a keynote address on Transition Engineering and the value of introducing it to students of engineering and design. Enabling students of multiple discipline to learn the Transition Engineering methodology is a key part of enabling people to bring about real change through using TE. If you are studying or working in an educational organisation please contact us to find out how your organisation can start to teach Transition Engineering.

Australasia Road Safety Engineering Conference, Christchurch, 29 September (New Zealand)

Susan Krumdieck was invited to give a keynote address on Transition Engineering and how safety engineering provide the key insight into how the Transition Engineering discipline emerges. Watch Here a presentation at a public talk.

Infrastructure and Public Works Engineers Australasia, Christchurch, 3 October (New Zealand)

Susan Krumdieck was invited to give a keynote address on Transition Engineering and how the field of infrastructure and public works can benefit.  

That's everything for our September update.

We are always interested in what you have been doing to promote Transition Engineering. If you have any news to share please send us an email with the subject “for newsletter” and we may be able to feature it in future updates.


Best wishes.


Daniel Kenning, Chair of Trustees, and the team at GATE