The Perspective Shift of The BigDO

Does your perspective really matter? From one perspective, the problem is demand, consumption, consumer choices. From the other perspective the problem is supply, and the fact that every barrel of oil extracted from source rock becomes CO2.

Does it matter how we look at it? The outcome depends on the action. Action can be focused on the cause or on consequence -  upstream or downstream.

The main greenhouse gas causing global warming is CO2. The ways the climates around the world are changing due to this extra thermal energy forcing is causing problems. The rate of CO2 emission must decrease and the rate of uptake in the biosphere must increase. Logic dictates that CO2 emissions can only decline if oil, gas and coal production all decline. Logic dictates that if oil production was decreased, the way things would be re-engineered, consumer choices would change, businesses would transition, and the future would be different than the one we are heading toward now. If it was clear that oil production is declining and will continue to decline, then energy transition would happen. If Transition Engineering in every sector is available then all of the shift projects will get done.

What if you were in the Transition Engineering project team who discovered that any oil company could make more profit by reducing production by 80% than by exploring for more oil and producing remaining reserves as fast as possible? What if your job was to work out how spending the current fossil fuel subsidies on education and environmental restoration and new low energy everything actually grew the real value economy and increased prosperity? What if you looked at climate change from another perspective? What if that was you?

Let's do this.


The BigDO