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ANYONE who supports the objectives of Energy and Material Transition is encouraged to register a GATE Affiliate. Simply create your profile at LOGIN. 

Affiliates are welcome to support the operations and work of GATE either by volunteering their time or by making a financial donation.

Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved as a volunteer; you could set up a local Transition Engineering group, a student interest group, offer to share your particular skills to further the work of GATE. 

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Coming in 2019: On-line course

Coming in 2019: On-line course

Details  ENME405/605 University of Canterbury
18 Feb - 3 June
Anyone who agrees with the objectives and ethics of GATE can join as an Associate Member. But to gain status as an Engineering Member and be recognised as a professional Transition Engineer, you need to learn the approach to wicked problems, the methodology and tools. Transition Engineering is non-denominational so any accredited undergraduate degree qualification is sufficient.
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Metropole Grenoble Transition

Metropole Grenoble Transition

Date  July 02, 2018Details  A major forward-looking research program is being developed with the City of Grenoble, the universities, and local companies. As part of the development phase of the program, a workshop was held to work through the Transition Engineering vision of the future and discoveries of disruptive opportunities as carried out by Jeremy Pascal and Susan Krumdieck.
Transition Engineering Video Collection

Transition Engineering Video Collection

Details  Over the years many of the key fundamentals of the Transition Engineering rationale, approach and methods have been presented in lectures that were captured and uploaded to YouTube. Each of these presentations was made to a specific audience for a specific purpose at a different point in the emergence of the Transition Engineering discipline. We hope you enjoy the archive of thought represented in this video collection.Tags    Videos